Twitter Moments: social media content curation and storytelling for tourismTwitter Moments 12 Examples for tourism content curation

We have experimented on how to use Twitter Moments for tourism curation and marketing. The problem with tourism marketing: the Internet is spammed with content solely created for SEO purposes. Yet tourists want to read and see what real travelers experienced at the destinations of interest, find fun and unique places and share their experiences back.

Twitter has billions of tweets, but up to now there was no way to curate Tweets across multiple accounts and from fragmented timelines. Now with Moments available to anyone, Twitter offers a great feature to curate and share short-form content without relying on third party tools. Plus, to boost the number of impressions earned outside Twitter, Moments can be embedded just like tweets. Embedded Twitter Moments are ideal for social storytelling and turn hospitality landing pages into appealing tourism brochures.

Dr. Eckard Ritter

Examples of Twitter Moments for tourism, culture and events in Germany

Examples of German hospitality landing pages, enhanced with Twitter Moments

Bavaria, Allgau, Lake Constance Hotel Birkenmoor
Bavaria, Lake Constance, Lindau Hotel Seerose
Bavaria, Alps Bad Aibling, Moorheilbad und Thermalbad
Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg Iceland Horses Ranch Birkenhain
Black Forest, Kinzig River Valley Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof im Kinzigtal
Brandenburg, Prignitz Landhotel Heine, Ferienwohnungen
Brandenburg, Rheinsberger Seen Kanustation Tietzowsee
Rhineland-Palatinate, Volcanic Eifel Hotel Pappelhof, Weidenbach
North See, German Waddensea, Isle of Juist Strandburg vacation homes
Moselle River, Rhineland-Palatinate Hotel zum Josefshof, Graach
Upper Palatinate, northern Bavaria, Waldnaabtal nature reserve and geotope Scheidlerhof, Theisseil bei Weiden in der Oberpfalz

Leading media on Twitter Moment's opening for all in September 2016

  • TechCrunch. "Finally, finally, Twitter has rolled out a version of its storytelling feature called Moments that it should have released at launch. (...) The feature brings to mind the short-form content that's now popular elsewhere on mobile, like Snapchat's Stories, for example (...) Plus, by way of crowdsourcing, Twitter could have tapped into other ongoing trends like tweetstorms (longer thoughts told as a series of tweets)"
  • Mashable. "Anyone can make a Twitter Moment" "The feature (...) promised to help make Twitter more user-friendly, particularly to new users (...) Though much-hyped at the time of its launch, Moments hasn't had the impact Twitter had initially hoped for. Still, it remains an important part of the company's strategy in making Twitter more appealing to new users."
  • Buffer. "Moments allows us to collect and curate Tweets to tell stories in new ways. It's a powerful Twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events."
  • Adweek. "Twitter opens Moments, its once-hidden tweet collection feature, to all users (...) Creating a digital scrapbook just got easier (...) Twitter Moments could usher in a new era of hands-on social media. It has the DIY attitude that has already taken over Pinterest and Instagram."
  • Socialmediaexaminer. "Twitter Moments rolls out storytelling feature for all"
  • The Verge. "Sitting around and curating tweets isn't exactly the type of spontaneity that Twitter thrives on. But Twitter is putting a big focus on Moments - it's the tab right beside the Timeline, after all"
Markthalle Berlin Moabit